You are my Friends if you do whatsoever I command you.......John 15:14

Friends Church Satellite(Quakers)-Nairobi Yearly Meeting

Satellite Local Church

About Us

Church Background

Friends Church Satellite is one of the local churches of Friends church Kawangare Monthly meeting, Nairobi Yearly meeting respectively. The church started a fellowship by Church members who by then were Members of Kawangware Worship Center(Kawangware Friends Church Monthly Meeting, who felt that it was a great idea to have a fellowship at Satellite Riruta which could facilitate their participation in the Monthly meeting affairs.

Its with this view that the fellowship grew up from a small number of members to the current figures of 400 followers of Christ who then were promoted to be a local church of Kawangware Monthly meeting. Since the, the Church has tremendously grown into a status of acquiring a monthly meeting in order to facilitate their spiritual and economic development effectively.


Friends Church Satellite Quakers started in 1991 as a small branch of the larger Kawangware Village. Satellite is a name that was derived from the earlier colonial dish that was put within this area for communication purposes. Theologically, as a Church we decided to call ourselves Satellite (light to the world), meaning setting the light to the world.

It started with membership of about 30 people, inclusive of children.  They held their services in a small rented room in Satellite Estate, away from Kawangware Village Meeting where they initially held their Worship services.  On 8th  June 1995 the Kawangware Monthly Meeting decided to upgrade the Friends Church Satellite from a Kitongoji to a village Meeting in accordance with clause 15 (2) of the Nairobi Yearly  Meeting  Constitution of May 1987.

 Geographical Location

The Church currently covers a wide area, Dagoretti corner, Satellite Railway line to the East, Waithaka, Uthiru, Kinoo, Kikuyu in the West and Ngong' in the South. Changes can be done if otherwise advised. It is also important to note that some members come from beyond these boundaries.

The current Church spiritual/administrative structure is in form of five house fellowships (home cells) namely:-

  • Galatians        
  • Philippians                 
  • Corinthians
  • Colossians       
  • Ephesians

Galatians is a home fellowship having a membership of 110.This home fellowship covers from Kinyanjui Technical School, Kabiria area, Waithaka, Mutuini, Dagoretti Market, up to Kikuyu.

Philippians has 25 members, and covers Gichagi Primary School area, along the Railway line, Githembe, Wanyee Road, Dagorreti Corner up to Naivasha Road.

Corinthians has 67 Members and covers from Kinyanjui Technical School, Satellite Shopping Centre up to Kinyanjui Road.It also covers the area around the Church, Dagorretti DC’s Office, and neighboring Satellite Primary School.

Ephesians is a Home Cell of 150 Members, covering Naivasha Road, Kawangware, and other parts within Nairobi and outside the Country.

The home cells do conduct midweek prayers/other spiritual activities, through their respective leaders and report to the mission commission office in case of issues affecting a member/group. This makes visitation easier and more effective, since members of each home cell know each other better as they stay in the same locality.  Administratively, it also helps in the co-ordination and running of the Church, on day to day basis.

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