You are my Friends if you do whatsoever I command you.......John 15:14

Friends Church Satellite(Quakers)-Nairobi Yearly Meeting

Satellite Local Church

Main Office

The main office consists of six elected leaders and this is the supreme council of the church at the local level with the Presiding Clerk being the Head of the church.

The Vice Presiding Clerk assists the Presiding Clerk to run the daily affairs of the church at a local level.

There is also a recording clerk and his deputy, who is the reading clerk and reads the minutes as recorded by the recording clerk.

The treasurers of the main Office oversees all the financial affairs of the church.

The Main church leadership is as follows:

Ev.George Sitati Nyongesa- Presiding Clerk

Bro. Seth Ingoi Anyula- Vice Presiding Clerk

Bro. Boniface Lovoga- Recording Clerk

Sister Edith Mushila- Reading Clerk

Bro. Gilbert Sunguti- Main Treasurer.

Sister. Anne Kageriza Web

NYAFP( Youth Ministry)

This is the youth ministry in the church and it has got leaders to who oversees all their affairs in the church. They report to the main office.The Nyfp leadership in Satellite is as follows:

Bro. Bro. Steven Omemu – Chairman

Bro. Norris Wafula – Vice Chairman

Siz. Linet Situma- Recording Clerk

Bro. Dauglas Mwanga- Reading Clerk

Bro. Derick Musonye- Treasurer


This is the women department in the church. It has elective leaders who oversees all the women affairs at this level and in line with the church constitution.

The Women ministry oversees lot of things that are paramount to the well being of the church members among them preparing and bringing children to the church for dedication, serving the visitors whenever we receive them and many other chores.

The current USFW leadership is as follows:

Sister Everline Khadenje- Chair person

Sister Judith Imbugha- Vice chair

Sister Judy Nyaboke- Recording Clerk

Sister Violet Makhanu- Reading Clerk

Sister Linet Makungu- Treasurer


Quaker Men

This is the Men ministry in the church. it has all the six elective leaders who oversees all the affairs of the men in the church. They also report back to the main office.

The Current Leaders of Quaker men are:

Bro. Bro. Kennedy Indiazi- President

Bro. Bro. Musa Limuga- Vice President

Bro. Amos Miheso- Recording Clerk

Bro. Bro. Nelson Agevi – Treasurer